ChatGPT for designers: Design smarter, Not harder.

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This handbook is the perfect solution to use ChatGPT the right way. Master ChatGPT and become an expert in creating effective prompts that generate high-quality responses.

But first, why should you care?

Disadvantages of not mastering ChatGPT as a designer:

❌ Career at Risk

Without mastering ChatGPT, you risk falling behind in your career. As more people in the design field use AI, they'll have an advantage over you and might be able to replace you or get jobs before you can catch up.

❌ Unwanted AI Responses

A lack of knowledge in parameters and prompts will lead to unwanted and unpredictable AI responses, making you waste more time and get poor-quality results.

❌ Time-Consuming Tasks

Failing to effectively use ChatGPT means spending more time on tasks that could be automated, reducing your overall efficiency, and making it harder to meet deadlines and deliver exceptional designs.

With this handbook you turn disadvantages into opportunities:

✅ Elevate Your Career

By learning how to use ChatGPT, you'll develop valuable skills that are highly desired in the design industry. This will give you a significant advantage in the job market and help you reach your career goals.

✅ Desired AI Responses

Get the answers you expect and make AI work for you! Master parameters and prompts for better control over ChatGPT, making it easy to get the responses you want.

✅ Personalized User Experiences

By tailoring parameters and prompts, you can create customized chatbot interactions that engage users and address their specific needs, leading to more satisfying and successful user experiences.

✅ High-speed Iterations

Speed up your ChatGPT conversations by mastering the parameters and prompts! With accelerated iterations, you can quickly fine-tune your interactions and save precious time.

✅ Unleashed Creativity

Your design work will be boosted, and your creative horizons will get wider as you become more proficient with parameters and prompts.

What people are saying


"I can say with complete sincerity that this is the most valuable material related to ChatGPT that I've ever come across! I had no idea any of this was possible. " - Jeremy Miller (UX Designer @GE Aerospace)


"Ehy Tibi! I'm so grateful for this! It's eye-opening on the newest features for ChatGPT. I'll put them into practice soon and see what results they deliver. " - Andrea Montini (UI/UX Designer @BB Agency)


"Your book is very good, Tibi. Even for people like me who don't come from the UI/UX design world, you make things very easy to understand." - Oscar Sanchez (Director broadcast operations @CONCACAF)

But wait, there’s more...

In the land of ChatGPT, there lies a book unlike any other. A tome crafted with creativity and imagination, where you are transported to a world of fantasy as a hero on a quest for knowledge.

With each turn of the page, you’ll be transposed on a journey through an immersive world of artificial intelligence, unlocking secrets and discovering treasures with every prompt.

I will be your trustworthy guide on this journey, helping you understand and uncover everything this enchanted tool has to offer.

Playing while learning is the easiest way to gain knowledge and have fun!

Are you ready for an adventure?

Book chapters:

The Six Stepping Stones

Instead of writing a lot of boring high-level AI theory in tons of chapters, I've written six chapters that cover the most important things you need to know about ChatGPT as a designer, including parameters, prompts, templates, and more.

Below are the main chapters of the "ChatGPT for Designers" handbook, highlighting the benefits you gain by reading them:

1. What is ChatGPT?

Understand what ChatGPT is and how it actually works in simple terms — no fluff. 

2. Effectively use parameters

Get a deep understanding of what parameters are and how to effectively use them to optimize the engine's performance.

3. All about prompts

Discover the role of prompts in conversations, what makes a good ChatGPT prompt and how to properly structure your prompts.

4. Prompt Templates

A library of 60+ ready-to-use prompts for various use cases and design domains. Ready-to-use templates, so you can create over 10,000 personalized prompts for your specific needs.

5. Ethical considerations

Get valuable insights into how to handle ethical challenges that may arise during conversations and strategies to generate unbiased responses.

6. Further reading and resources

Key takeaways from the book and explore various ChatGPT resources about prompt crafting and much more.

Who's this book for?

Junior to senior designers, researchers, writers, product managers, product owners, and other professionals that are looking to unlock the full potential of ChatGPT in the design field.

Why a book and not a video course?

Words are symbols to express a thought. And thoughts are energy. So, when you read a book, you take the energy of the author out of it.

That's why I want to make this special connection with you so I can give you my energy to help you win in life.

Also, a book format is a fraction of the price compared to a video course and makes it quicker and easier for you to get back to it whenever needed.

I want this!

Unlock the full potential of ChatGPT with 'ChatGPT for designers' handbook, the comprehensive guide that teaches you how to turn on the engine, craft effective UX design prompts, save time with ready-to-use prompts, avoid common mistakes, and handle ethical considerations with expert strategies and actionable examples.

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ChatGPT for designers: Design smarter, Not harder.

71 ratings
I want this!